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5 Best Tips for WiFi Long Range

5 Best Tips for WiFi Long Range

Wifi Internet connectivity is one of the best technological advancements. It is even better if your Wifi connection is fast, reliable and offers wider coverage. There is nothing more annoying than a low range and slow speed wireless internet connection. In case your Wifi connection does not offer good range, you can take some steps to expand its reach. Before you contact a professional and spend your hard earned money, here are some tips you can use on your own. 

Choose a Good Location:  You should install the Wifi router and antenna in a good location for unobstructed line of sight. You need to keep your antenna and router either directly connected or use a RP- SMA cable.  The cable makes sure only little signal is lost. You can also use an ethernet cable and PoE injector to power the router.

The antenna and router need to be placed in a unique location that does not have any obstructions. If you want better reception, you can even place the router at an elevated height, like in the attic. When the router is placed at the highest position in your building, it increases the range.

Use Directional Antennas:  Instead of omni directional antennas, you should use directional ones. These antennas offer better wireless link quality. Usually, all directional antennas boost the link quality. They simply concentrate the antenna’s signal strength in the direction of the signal traffic. Thus, they’re able to reduce the interference caused by some unwanted signal.

Directional antennas work well when a signal is coming from or transmitted to a specific direction. Directional antennas can help you easily avoid multipath interference. This is caused by reflection from wireless signals on different metal surfaces.

Choose Channel 11 or 1 :  When you consider long range Wifi, the channel you choose will matter a lot. With better control over your AP network, you will be able to choose a non-overlapping channel. Channel 11, 6 and 1 don’t overlap with other channels. Thus, they can help you extend the range of your Wifi.

However, most router manufacturing companies use Channel 6 as the default channel. Therefore, your neighbors may already be using Channel 6. When you choose Channel 11 or 1, you won’t have to worry about the neighbors’ signal disrupting your connection.

Use Latest Hardware:   In order to enhance wireless connectivity, you need to use the latest hardware. A lot of companies keep coming up with advanced long range Wifi antennas to improve their customers’ wireless connectivity.

You can also use USB adapters to increase the range of your Wifi connection by about 15-20%. A lot of companies even sell Wifi signal boosters to increase the range and speed of your connection. Setting up all these devices is very easy and simple.

Enhance Network Security:  In case you’re using a Wifi connection which has a router with a password, you need to enhance the security level. With basic level of security, hackers can easily attack your network, especially when you have upgraded your Wifi range. It is always better to set up WPA password. This allows you to protect the network, while enjoying faster speed.

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